Tension Nail

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Product description:

1. This Tension Nail can be used to fix the peripheral corners in the ceiling installation. It is hardened so the nail is harder and stronger than a nail of this length. It can be used for corner mounting, ceiling mounting or venting window installation. It is ideal for nailing corners to dowels, plaster, mortar joints and concrete blocks. This nail is designed to penetrate almost all substrates except for pouring concrete, bricks and some newer, porous concrete blocks. It involves almost the most difficult basic application.

2. Tension Nail has good quality, so it is not easy to bend during the installation process and has a good service life. It's easy to install, so it can make your installation faster. It can be used to secure concrete strips and floors to uncured concrete. It uses a grooved handle to help provide better grip. This Tension Nail is made of high quality stainless steel, so it can effectively prevent rust and have a good service life.

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Name:Tensioning straps
Unit Price:0.08

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