Spring Bolt

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Product description:

1. The working principle of this Spring Bolt is that the bolt rod has a spring, and through the action of the spring force, the automatic rear locking pin head solves the difficulty of closing the original linear movable bolt to avoid the self-locking problem. This product can be applied to sash locks because it provides the best spring function and newer narrow impact. It has good surface quality and functional smoothness, so it has good aesthetics and excellent use.

2. This Spring Bolt is precision machined and surface treated at the time of production, so its size is very suitable and the appearance is very smooth. It facilitates the sash lock lever arm to be designed for smooth operation and facilitates a positive stop when the sash lock is in the fully locked and fully unlocked positions. Spring Bolt facilitates the sash lock to pull the sash tightly together while vertically aligning the top and bottom stop rails.

Product specifications:

Unit Price:0.12

Unit Price:0.12

Unit Price:0.12