Invisible Rod

Product Details

Product description:

1. This innovative Invisible Rod uses an innovative invisible design that combines aesthetics and practicality. Use it to cover the entire window with curtains to make the room darker and reduce outdoor noise. It is made of high-quality aluminum, so its surface sparkles with beautiful luster and modern, simple colors. It coordinates the easy sliding of the curtain ring and the ties. It has a good load-bearing capacity and can therefore be used to hang curtains of normal weight.

2. Invisible Rod protects the curtains to ensure that you do not need to pull hard when using the curtains to avoid tearing and to ensure that the curtains can last longer. It has good stealth properties, so it does not affect the design and aesthetics of the curtains. It is a high suspension pole that is long enough to allow you to easily open and close the curtains hanging high. Invisible Rod is strong and tough and can pull heavy curtains. It can be used as a sturdy tie rod for doors and windows.

Product specifications:

Name: Invisible lever

Custom processing: Yes

Model: various models

Type: Various types

Material: aluminum

Color: white, brown, red

Accessories: none

Applicable curtain type: all applicable

Customized service: can be customized