Invisible Rod Nail

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1. This Invisible Rod Nail has a good invisible design, so it is suitable for the installation of ventilation windows. In addition it is also suitable for shelves, beams, fireplaces, wall art, fireproof environments, radiator screens, phone support and hidden installations for all home applications. It is installed for solid walls and stud walls. The installation makes it possible to drill the right diameter and insert the wall plug. Then, place the washer on the thread and screw the shelf bracket into the wall plug. Install the bracket on the bracket until the knurled portion. An open-end wrench can be used for vertical adjustment during installation.

2. Invisible Rod Nail has suitable strength and the handle is long enough to provide proper attachment. In the installation it is possible to fix the nails in place by friction. It is made of the most commonly used stainless steel, so it can effectively prevent rust. It guarantees a cleaner surface during installation. Invisible Rod Nail has more retention than a typical nail, so you can use it to connect molded parts such as door and window shells or other items that require a little extra retention.

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Name:Trolley bags
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