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1. This product uses a variety of different bearings, such as flats, washers or balls, to reduce the friction of the hinge as the pin moves against the knuckle. It is easy to install and requires no drill bits, so anyone can install it with a screwdriver. It has a much smaller central column than a conventional ball bearing type of hinge and is therefore less noticeable when mounted to a window. Made of solid cold-rolled steel and galvanized, it is structurally robust and durable.

2. It has a solder pin to prevent loosening. It has the highest corrosion resistance and durability, so it has good weather resistance. It looks like a docking hinge, so it gives you all the flexibility you need to install and adjust without the need for a face-fixed flag hinge. It is a movable mechanism that connects the window to the frame. Its central pivot design allows for good air flow. Warm air can be drained from the top window, and colder air can enter through the bottom, creating good air flow into the room.

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Unit price:2.0

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