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1. This Hinge Screws is very suitable for use when replacing existing hinges. It helps to ensure that the hinge is fully attached to the object being mounted. It uses high quality stainless steel as the material of manufacture, so it has good rust and corrosion resistance. It maximizes its retention because its threads extend up the shaft rather than stopping a short distance from the head.

2. Hinge Screws is satin chrome-plated. It has a unique design that drives the hinge all the way into the wall studs. It also helps to align the installation if the installation is not completely straight. It has deep, sharp single parallel threads and very sharp points to provide greater retention. It has a small head of a few millimeters and is especially suitable for hinges. Its treated surface has higher corrosion resistance than traditional galvanizing. Hinge Screws is available in a variety of lengths.

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Name:Hinge screws
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