Door Stopper

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Product description:

1. This Door Stopper is a device that helps keep the door open. It is made of high-quality materials that prevent rust and corrosion, so it can effectively guarantee the beauty and service life of the product. It protects your walls from door impact and keeps the walls clean. Use it to achieve door flexibility. It can be attached to the base plate to prevent damage to the walls of the room.

2. Door Stopper can securely fix glass, metal or wooden doors to any floor surface to avoid door impacts on the walls caused by airflow sliding. It protects the walls of your home or office from accidents. It's stylish and simple in design, adding a clean and elegant atmosphere to your home décor. It provides maximum friction to ensure that you can safely open your door. It has a good anti-slip effect. Door Stopper prevents everyday scratches and corrosion.

Product specifications:

Name:Door Stopper
Unit Price:1.2

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