Solar Sealing Ring

Product Details

Product description:

When using a vacuum tube, this Solar Sealing Ring can be used to effectively prevent dust and foreign matter from entering the tank. When the inside of the silicone ring is corroded, it accelerates aging and leakage. Therefore, it is important to choose a product with good corrosion resistance. It can be placed on a glass tube embedded in a water tank in a water tank with a silicone ring. It is a silicone rubber ring whose main function is to seal to prevent water leakage and heat preservation.

Product features:

The diameter of this Solar Sealing Ring can be customized according to your specific requirements. Its color can also be changed by your details. It is made of high-quality silicon material, so it has the advantages of high temperature resistance and long anti-aging life. This product provides a one-stop service, so it can be custom designed, manufactured, assembled and delivered. It is the most commonly used tool for fluid sealing applications. Solar Sealing Ring prevents leaks in pumps, valves, and connectors.

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