58 Silica Gel Dust Ring

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Product description:

This 58 Silica Gel Dust Ring has excellent sealing performance, so it is waterproof and leakproof to ensure its use. It can be placed at high temperature for heating, deformation, and no harmful substances. It has good tensile strength and has been specially tested and tested. It does not fade even after long-term use, so it can guarantee its good color for a long time. This product is resistant to corona, arc, high temperature, aging and high temperature, so it is widely used.

Product features:

58 Silica Gel Dust Ring complies with FDA and SGS standards. It is a silicone rubber, so it is much hotter than ordinary rubber, can be used at almost 150 degrees and has no performance change, and can be used for 10,000 hours and 350 hours at 200 degrees for a period of time., it is widely used in heat-resistant occasions, thermos seals, and pressure cookers. This 58 Silica Gel Dust Ring does not pose a hazard to human health during use because it does not contain BPA and does not contain phthalates or other toxic Metals. It is tasteless and does not support the growth of mold or bacteria.

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