Silicone Sealing Strip

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Product description:

This Silicone Sealing Strip has a wide range of uses, due to its excellent performance, it has been used in automotive, doors, windows, cabinets, refrigerators, containers and other industries. According to the requirements of different industries, our company has developed special seals, mechanical seals and door and window seals for automobiles, which make them widely used in the sealing industry of electronics, electrical, lighting, pharmaceutical, chemical, machinery, textile, automotive and so on.

Product features:

Silicone Sealing Strip is molded by microwave curing once. It is very soft, has a smooth surface and is elastic. It has good anti-aging properties, weather resistance and oil resistance. In addition, it has excellent UV resistance, better flexibility, superior elasticity and chemical resistance. It is rugged, flexible and easy to assemble. It has excellent fire and water resistance. Silicone Sealing Strip has good tight dimensional tolerances and excellent compression. It is non-polluting, has no peculiar smell, and is safe and environmentally friendly.

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