What Is Wind? Ventilation Pipe How To Categorize?

Duct is an important part of the ventilation system, ventilation installation project construction drawing budget of main parts. Ventilation ducts (duct) circular duct and rectangular duct shapes can be divided into two categories: by using material divided into thin air steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe, steel sheet wind tube and plastic air duct. In 2000, the former State Planning Commission promulgated the provisions of the ventilation and air conditioning project budget quota illustrates commonly used ventilation pipes metal duct and non-metallic duct. (1) aluminum duct: made of aluminum and aluminum alloy plate. Because aluminum has a good resistance to chemical corrosion, which are often used for transportation of corrosive gases. (2) plastic sheeting duct: rigid PVC plate making, and has good chemical stability, often used to transport corrosive gases.