Ventilation Pipe Installation Requirement

(1) ventilation pipe laying shall not be transporting toxic, inflammable, explosive gas and liquid pipes and wires, cables, etc. Detachable Discharge air duct and accessories, interfaces, shall not be transported within the coating layer. (2) the laying of overhead air duct bracket, brackets or hangers should be established, and spacing shall meet the following requirements: horizontal mounting Wind pipe, diameter or side length of the rectangular section is less than 400mm, the spacing should not exceed 4m; greater than or equal to 400mm, spacing should not exceed 3M, vertically mounted duct, spacing should not exceed 4m, and fixed part of each riser is not Should be less than 2. (3) wind pipe flange gasket thickness appropriate to 315 mm, oil-resistant material should be used. such as nitrile rubber, oil resistant Rubber asbestos Board. Shim when processing, shall have an internal diameter of small Yu Falan diameter, or make the gasket protruding into the air duct.