Use Of Fitness Equipment Specifications

Fitness equipment on the three major roles

1. local fat loss, shaping

That is, we often say that the local weight loss. Scientific evidence of local weight loss is impossible, because the decline in body weight is systemic, but the local fat reduction is feasible, you can exercise through different parts of the body fitness equipment, reduce local fat, with small muscles instead of bulky Fat, so as to obtain the ideal shape.

2. Specification and effective action

Why do you practice the upper arm of the action is done but instead make the shoulder acid? General strength exercises often because the action is not standardized and not in place and can not get the desired effect? Use fitness equipment problems solved! Good fitness equipment, usually marked with the use of the icon, including the action of the standard and targeted parts, you want to tighten the buttocks or solve the butterfly sleeves, Fitness Equipment as long as the right to find fitness equipment, the correct practice, you can achieve results.

3. Safe protection

Practice on fitness equipment, more than the practice of recruiting, back and leg joints can be more protected, the practice process more secure, which is why the outdoor running or lead to joint damage, Fitness Equipment and treadmill exercise will play the effect of protecting the joints!

Use of fitness equipment specifications:

1, step by step

The development of anything has a certain regularity and stage. At the beginning of exercise practitioners, in order to ensure safety, before using the instrument in addition to instructions, but also pay attention to their own age and physical condition and many other factors. Fitness Equipment It is best to practice under the guidance of a physician and coach. Perseverance to exercise, can only keep fit, to achieve the desired purpose.

2, pay attention to scientific and reasonable method

Each training must have a certain order, the first warm-up exercise (preparation activities), in the winter or when the ambient temperature is particularly important, we must open the various joint movement. Slightly a little sweat is good. Then there is formal movement and relaxation finishing movement. In the formal training, aerobic movement should pay attention to breathing with; Fitness Equipment if the weight loss to arrange multiple groups of fewer times, if the body should be a small number of groups. Large-intensity short-term training is conducive to the development of strength and speed, small and medium-intensity long-term training is conducive to the development of endurance.

3, comprehensive development, make up for deficiencies

Long time simple mechanical training is likely to cause the body in strength, endurance, muscle development on the one-sided development, while ignoring the reaction, speed, flexibility, coordination and other aspects of development. This physical function is obviously not sound. Therefore, in addition to conventional equipment training, but also to carry out the necessary auxiliary exercises. Such as ball games, track and field, martial arts boxing, gymnastics, swimming, skating, dancing and chess class activities. Fitness Equipment The content can be selectively carried out, targeted to combine their own weaknesses to carry out auxiliary exercises.

At the same time, the meaning of bodybuilding lies in the unity of form and spirit, a light with strong muscles and language vulgar behavior reckless people are not beautiful. Practitioners in exercise, with particular attention to their spiritual world of cultivation. To exercise their own into a physical and mental health of people.