There Are Many Types Of Auto Parts

Auto parts are the units that make up the whole car and serve the products of the car. What about auto parts? What are the types of auto parts? Now a wide range of auto parts, now more and more car brands, car types are more and more. Car can be divided into two types of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, including passenger cars refers to the vehicle seat less than nine sitting (including the driver's position), to carry the main purpose of the vehicle. Specifically, the passenger car is divided into basic passenger cars that are cars, MPV models, Auto Parts SUV models and other models such as pickup and so on. Commercial vehicles refer to vehicles with more than nine seats (including drivers) or vehicles with the main purpose of loading. Specifically divided into: bus, truck, semi-trailer, passenger car is not complete, cargo non-complete car. With the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption of cars is also increasing, the auto parts of the market has become increasingly large.

With the car brand more and more, more and more types of auto parts, then what kind of auto parts?

1, the engine parts, including the engine, engine assembly, throttle body, cylinder block, up tight wheel, etc .;

2, transmission system accessories, Auto Parts including the clutch, transmission, shift gear joystick assembly, reducer, magnetic materials;

3, brake system accessories, including the brake master cylinder, brake cylinder, brake assembly, brake pedal assembly, compressor, brake disc, brake drum;

4, steering system accessories, including the main pin, steering machine, steering knuckle, the ball pin, and so on;

5, the Department of walking accessories, including rear axle, Auto Parts air suspension system, balance block, steel plate;

6, electrical instrument accessories, including sensors, automotive lighting, spark plugs, batteries, etc .;

7, automotive lighting, including decorative lights, fog lamps, ceiling lamps, headlamps, brake lights, reversing lights, turn signals, instrument lights, lights, search lamps and other car lights;

8, car modified accessories, including tire pump, car top box, car roof, electric winch, etc .;

9, security anti-theft accessories, including the steering wheel lock, wheel locks, seat belts, cameras and so on;

10, Auto Parts automotive interior accessories, including car carpet (pad), steering wheel cover, steering wheel power ball, curtains, sun stalls, etc .;

11, automotive exterior accessories, including wheel wheel cover, body color stickers, licensing planes, sunny rain, etc .;

12, integrated accessories, including adhesives, sealants, vehicle tools, car springs, plastic parts, etc.

13, audio and video electrical accessories, Auto Parts including tire pressure monitoring systems, decoders, monitors, car walkie - talkie, etc.

14, chemical and physical accessories, including coolant, brake fluid, antifreeze, lubricants, etc .;

15, car body and accessories, including wiper, automotive glass, seat belts, airbags, instrument panels, etc .;

16, vehicle maintenance accessories, including sheet metal equipment, purification systems, tire removal machines, calibrators, and electric punching, hot air guns, electric jacks, electric wrenches and other power tools;

17, automotive electrical accessories, Auto Parts is one of the most important parts of the car, including the battery, battery card, battery line, tail, starter, magnetic switch, one-way device, rotor, stator, carbon brush, Bearings, start-up relay, ignition switch, regulator, engine, wiper motor, heater air heater, heater resistance, heater switch, wiper intermittent relay, wiper switch, headlamps, small lights, fog lights, Auto Parts taillights Such as a variety of relays, bulbs, insurance, wiper blades, flashers, etc. (too much, generally speaking of these), in addition, the light switch, the light switch, the light switch, the fog light switch, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS, GPS

18, other auto parts, including mainly like tires, car mats, car oxygen bar and other auto parts of the original car which spare parts.

The above auto parts Daquan is dismantling Wang Xiaobian on the types of auto parts which classification. Car parts constitute the overall unit of the car and services in the automotive products, the owners probably know these parts in order to better their own car maintenance, in order to reduce the use of the problem in order to be safe use.