The Softness Of Rubber And Plastic Products

Rubber products refers to rubber (natural rubber, synthetic rubber, renewable rubber, etc.) as the main raw materials, a variety of additives for the auxiliary materials, through the refining, calendering, pressure out, molding, vulcanization and other processes, the manufacture of various products, but also the use of waste rubber reproduction plastic products. The common characteristics of rubber and plastic products are special high elasticity, Rubber And Plastic Products excellent wear-resisting, damping, insulation and sealing performance. Rubber And Plastic Products Rubber and plastic products of various types and specifications.

Basic characteristics of rubber and plastic products:

1. When molding rubber and plastic products, after a large pressure suppression, because of the cohesion of the elastomer can not be eliminated, in the molding away from the die, often produce a very unstable contraction (rubber shrinkage, due to different types of gum), it is necessary after a period of time, Rubber And Plastic Products can be gentle and stable. Therefore, when an oak plastic product design at the beginning, regardless of formula or mold, need to carefully calculate cooperation, if not, it is easy to produce product size instability, Rubber And Plastic Products resulting in low quality products.

2. Rubber is a hot-dissolved thermosetting elastomer, plastic is hot-dissolved cold solid. Rubber due to the different types of sulfide, the temperature range of the molding curing, there is a considerable gap, and can even be affected by climate change, indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, Rubber And Plastic Products the production conditions of the rubber manufactures should be adjusted at any time, if none, the difference of product quality may be produced.

Advantages of rubber and plastic products

1. Low thermal conductivity: When the average temperature is 0 ℃, the thermal conductivity of the material is 0.034W/MK, and its surface exothermic coefficient is high, so under the same external conditions, the use of this product thickness than other thermal insulation material thinner than half can achieve the same insulation effect, Rubber And Plastic Products thus saving the floor ceiling above the space, saving investment.

2. Good flame-retardant performance: This material contains a large number of flame-retardant smoke-reducing raw materials, burning when the concentration of smoke is very low, and when the fire does not melt, will not drop the fire fireball, the material has its own characteristics. , this product is B1 grade refractory material to ensure safe and reliable.

3. Easy to install, pleasing in appearance: Because the product is flexible, Rubber And Plastic Products easy to install. Pipe installation: Can be installed together after the installation, can also be longitudinal incision of the pipe and then glue to the bonding. The valve, tee, elbow and other complex parts, the plate can be cut, according to different types of bonding, to ensure the tightness of the entire system, thus ensuring the entire system of thermal insulation. Also because this material appearance has the rubber smooth formation, Rubber And Plastic Products as well as its own excellent performance, does not need to separate the steam layer, the protective layer, reduces the construction the trouble, also guaranteed the contour appearance, the formation.

4. Anti-vibration characteristics: rubber and plastic insulation material has a high degree of elasticity, so as to minimize the use of chilled water and hot water piping in the process of vibration and resonance. 5. Other advantages: rubber and plastic insulation materials are very safe to use, Rubber And Plastic Products neither stimulate the skin, nor harm health. They can prevent mold growth, avoid pests or mouse bites, and acid and alkali-resistant, superior performance. These properties make the rubber an ideal insulating material for the protection of pipelines, preventing them from being corroded by atmospheric media or industrial environments.