The Main Function Of Fitness Equipment

There are many types of fitness equipment. There is no uniform classification, but the functional diversity of fitness equipment can be divided into single-function and integrated multi-functional two categories.

Single function trainer:

Common with rowers, fitness cars, Jianbu machine, treadmill, Fitness Equipment the United States and the waist machine, such as step machine. Their main functions are:

Rowing - mainly used to increase arm strength and action coordination.

Exercise car - exercise, like riding a bike, mainly used to increase leg strength, enhance cardiovascular function.

Walker - mainly used to exercise the legs, waist, abdominal muscle and heart and lung function.

Treadmill - mainly used to exercise the legs, buttocks, waist, Fitness Equipment abdominal muscles and heart and lung function.

Beauty waist machine - can relax on the waist, back massage.

Step machine - also known as staircase machine, Fitness Equipment is the up and down stairs action simulator, specifically practicing leg muscles.

Elliptical machine - it is a set of stroll, jogging, quiescent cycling as one of the fitness equipment, its fitness moves just coincides with the natural step, the human body will not produce a large impact and damage the human body, can At the same time activities of the upper and lower limbs of the muscle group, especially the legs and buttocks.

Multi-function trainer:

Generally include extension chest, pull up, supine elected, sit-ups and other equipment functions. Chest, pull up, supine recommended, mainly used to exercise upper limb strength and pectoralis muscle strength; sit-ups, mainly used to exercise the waist muscle group, Fitness Equipment reduce the waist and abdomen excess fat.

In addition to these large fitness equipment, you can also choose some small pieces of equipment to enrich your form of exercise, such as skipping, fitness ball and so on. In addition, if you feel that a one-time investment is too large, may wish to buy some dumbbells, spring tension, elastic rods, discs, etc., with these cheap devices can also get the effect of physical fitness.