The Efficacy Of Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment can receive people's favor, in fact, the main willingness is that it can strengthen the body, can let us healthy health

Fitness equipment is used for fitness equipment, divided into indoor fitness equipment and outdoor fitness equipment, fitness equipment is now widely used in language folk. Fitness equipment often by the training function of how much to be divided into single function and integrated multi-functional two categories. Single-function equipment, commonly used in rowing, fitness cars, walking machines, treadmills, Fitness Equipment such as the United States waist machine. Adjust your training model to meet specific muscle group training goals.

Fitness equipment, the efficacy of people know how much. Fitness equipment used in different parts of the body will have different effects.

Fitness Equipment High-level Pull-down device

Sit steady after the feet of the toes forward, Fitness Equipment both hands hold the bar, each hand to the grip of the width of a palm to the side, the body slightly backward tilt. The main action is to pull the crossbar down and pull it to the chin. Pull down faster, and then slow down. When you pull the bar down, you can feel the tightening of your back.

Fitness Equipment Barbell

Standing on the toes forward, the distance between the feet slightly wider. Knees bent, chest, the grip of the barbell with both hands and shoulder width. Lower extremity to tighten hips, maintain stability. Fitness Equipment Use the back contraction force to pull the barbell to the middle of your abdomen, pausing for a few seconds and then slowly letting go.

The main effect of barbell exercise is to make the back compacted. The weight of weights that a person can lift 15 times in a row should be the standard weight of the exercise. For women, it should be as light as possible.

Fitness equipment seated Flat pull device

Keep your toes forward and your knees forward. Fitness Equipment Don't leave the knee too open, the distance between the feet is smaller than the shoulder width. Chest, eyes straight ahead. Hands will pull the hand horizontally backward, pull to elbow joint is also the upper and lower arm into a 90-degree corner position when pausing, and then slowly stretched forward. Need to pay attention to, must stand up, can not stoop, Fitness Equipment otherwise it is difficult to achieve the exercise effect.