The Development Of Rubber And Plastic Products

Rubber and plastic products are a kind of synthetic polymer materials with plasticity. It is with the synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers to form today's daily life indispensable to the three synthetic materials. Specifically, the plastic is a natural or synthetic resin as the main component, Rubber And Plastic Products adding a variety of additives, in a certain temperature and pressure conditions can be molded into a certain shape, at room temperature to maintain the same shape of the material.

Rubber products, a wide variety, according to the working state can be divided into static sealing products and dynamic sealing products. O-rings are widely used for static and reciprocating mechanical seals. The seal is widely used for the seal of the rotary shaft. O-rings and oil seals, Rubber And Plastic Products accounting for more than half of the total number of sealed products (see color chart). The work of the rubber seal is carried out by contact with the seal by the rubber, such as the oil seal is a small area of its lip and the rotation of the shaft surface with a certain pressure and in the role of fluid lubrication to achieve oil-free, O-ring is On the apron to the cross-section compression force to achieve sealing, etc., it requires high elasticity of rubber, Rubber And Plastic Products oil and aging resistance.

Rubber and plastic products is an important indicator of the development of rubber industry in 2008, the world's consumption of about 22 million tons of plastic, China's 5.5 million tons, more than the global 1 / 4. 2008 China's total tire output of 350 million, of which the meridian Tires 265 million, radial rate of more than 75%, Rubber And Plastic Products tire exports accounted for about 40%.

Although China's rubber industry since the second half of 2008 by the international financial crisis, but is expected before 2010, the rubber industry is still the rate of increase of about 10%. The steady and steady development of rubber and plastics products is closely related to the development of the automotive industry, including transportation and transportation. In 2008 China has become the world's second largest automobile producer, the total car production reached 9.43 million, in 2009 has exceeded 10 million. Rubber And Plastic Products The development of the automobile industry and transportation industry has put forward higher and higher requirements for rubber products and matching raw materials. High-quality rubber additives are one of the bases of rubber industry development.