Rubber Products With Good Flame Retardant Properties

Rubber products advantages

1. Low thermal conductivity: the average temperature of 0 ℃, the thermal conductivity of the material is 0.034w / mk, and its surface heat release coefficient is high, so the same external conditions, Rubber And Plastic Products the use of this product thickness than other insulation materials thin half The above can achieve the same insulation effect, thus saving the floor above the ceiling space, saving investment.

2. Flame-retardant properties: the material contains a large number of flame retardant materials, burning smoke generated when the concentration is very low, and the case of fire does not melt, Rubber And Plastic Products will not drop the fire of the fireball, the material has self-extinguishing characteristics. According to GB8624-1997 "building materials combustion performance classification method", Rubber And Plastic Products this product is B1 grade flame retardant materials, to ensure safe and reliable.

3. Easy to install, beautiful appearance: Because of the softness of the product, easy to install. Pipeline installation: can be set together after the installation, but also the longitudinal cutting of the pipe and then glue together. On the valve, three links, elbow and other complex parts, the plate can be cut, Rubber And Plastic Products according to different types of adhesive on the package to ensure the tightness of the entire system to ensure the insulation of the entire system. And because of the appearance of the material is smooth rubber, and its own excellent performance, without additional steam layer, protective layer, reducing the construction of the trouble, Rubber And Plastic Products but also to ensure a beautiful appearance, smooth.

4. Anti-vibration characteristics: rubber and plastic insulation material has a high flexibility, which can minimize the chilled water and hot water pipe in the course of the use of vibration and resonance.

5. Other advantages: rubber and plastic insulation materials are very safe to use, neither to stimulate the skin, it will not harm health. Rubber and plastic products can prevent mold growth, Rubber And Plastic Products to avoid pests or rats bite, and acid and alkali resistance, superior performance. These properties make rubber and plastics an ideal insulating material for the protection of the pipes, preventing them from being corroded by atmospheric media or industrial environments.