Production And Installation Of Ventilation Pipe Engineering Norm

(A) the fixed component and description 1. fixed composition (1) air duct production. Work includes layout, cutting, bending, folding, rolling, bite, making straight pipe, pipe fittings, flange and hanger support bracket. Drilling, welding, flange, group. (2) air duct installation. Work includes elevation, bracket wall hanging holes, laying up, mix reserved support, assemble, make the duct in place, levelling, aligning, cushions, mattress pads, bolt on, fastening. (3) cleaning ventilation pipe fabrication and installation. Work includes layout, cutting, folding, rolled, bite, making straight pipe produced pipe fittings, flange and hanger support bracket; drilling, welding, flange, group. To mouth sewing outside surface coated sealed rubber, cleaning wind tube surface, to wind tube ends sealing; find elevation, and leveling, and find are, and tie reserved holes