Materials For Rubber And Plastic Products

The variety of rubber and plastic products, according to the working state can be divided into static sealing products and dynamic sealing products. O-ring is widely used in static and reciprocating moving parts of the seal. Oil seals are widely used for the sealing of rotary shafts. O-Ring and oil seals, Rubber And Plastic Products accounted for more than half of the total number of sealed products.

The work of rubber seals is realized by contacting with the sealed parts, such as the oil seal is with the small area of its lip and the rotary shaft surface with certain pressure contact and realizes the oil without leaking under the action of fluid lubrication, O-ring is to the aprons to the compression of the section to achieve sealing, and so on, Rubber And Plastic Products the demand for high elasticity of rubber, Rubber And Plastic Products oil and anti-aging performance is good.

In recent years, in the Rotary seal has developed a power reflux oil seal, the oil seal lip of the pattern has a backflow effect, in the work can be leaked out of the oil back to the sealing cavity. In reciprocating seals are developing rubber and plastic composite seals, that is, rubber as a compression elastic seals, Rubber And Plastic Products plastic as wear-resistant support parts to achieve good sealing performance and lower friction.

In order to study the role of seals and improve the quality of sealing products, more and more attention has been paid to the simulation test. In the production process, the development of high-temperature, multimode cavity, no rubber edge molding vulcanization and injection pressure vulcanization, Rubber And Plastic Products in the future will be to automation and specialization of large-scale production direction.

Plastic is a kind of synthetic polymer material with plasticity. It and synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber form the current daily life indispensable rubber and plastic products. Specifically, plastic is a natural or synthetic resin as the main ingredient, add a variety of additives, in a certain temperature and pressure conditions can be molded into a certain shape, at room temperature to maintain the shape of the material.