Installation Of Solar Energy Accessories

Solar energy accessories need to pay attention to the installation of a lot of problems to ensure the safety of our solar accessories, but also to protect our solar energy, Lu Chang solar accessories for us to list the need to pay attention to the problem. Solar energy accessories installation points are as follows: detailed description and construction should be completed by professionals; to solar water heater equipment in the protection of lightning within the scope of equipment, solar water heaters to adopt lightning protection methods. If you can not equipment lightning rod, the water heater should be connected with the original roof lightning protection equipment. Thunder when the best do not use solar water heaters. To create a house, Solar Accessories the first consultation professional lightning protection organization, do not private line, to avoid accidents. Solar accessories installed to pay attention to the problem you understand it? Hope that solar accessories to ensure safety at the same time, Solar Accessories but also for us to bring more convenience.

What are the solar accessories?

◆ collector

The collector element in the system. Its function is equivalent to electric water heater in the electric tube. And electric water heaters, gas water heaters is different, solar collectors use the sun's radiant heat, Solar Accessories so the heating time can only be in the sun's day.

◆ Insulation tank

And the electric water heater as the insulation tank, is the storage of hot water containers. Because solar water heaters can only work during the day, and people generally use hot water at night, Solar Accessories it must be through the insulation tank to the collector in the daytime production of hot water storage. The volume is the sum of the amount of hot water every night. The use of fun with enamel liner pressure insulation tank, insulation effect is good, corrosion-resistant, clean water, the service life can be as long as 20 years.

◆ Connect the pipe

The hot water from the collector to the holding tank, the cold water from the holding tank to the collector of the channel, so that the entire system to form a closed loop.