How To Use Solar Energy Accessories

Solar energy accessories are solar controller, and has a dedicated processor CPU, electronic components, monitors, switching power tube composition, using single-chip and special software, to achieve intelligent control. and solar energy accessories have overcharge, over put, electronic short-circuit, overload protection, unique anti-reverse protection, such as automatic control, the above protection is not damaged any parts, do not burn insurance. And the use of battery discharge rate correction of accurate discharge control, intuitive led light-emitting tube indicating the current battery status, so that users understand the use of the situation. All the control of the use of industrial chips, in the cold, high-temperature, humid environment to run freely. At the same time, the crystal oscillator timing control is used, and the timing control is accurate. Also canceled the potentiometer adjustment control set point, Solar Accessories and the use of the e-side memory record each work control point, so that the setting of digital, eliminating the potentiometer vibration bias, temperature drift, etc. to make the control point error reduction accuracy, the factors of reliability; Solar energy accessories Use the digital LED display and settings, one-button operation can complete all settings, the use of extremely convenient and intuitive role is to control the entire system working conditions, Solar Accessories and the battery has been charging protection, discharge protection.

The use of solar energy accessories and precautions

A. Common type water heater

1. Add cold water to the tank

Open cold water valve, thermostat valve, cold water through the cold water pipe, cold water valve, thermostat valve, water tsui input tank, to overflow pipe with water overflow, Solar Accessories close the cold water valve, then the end of Sheung Shui.

2. Solar Accessories Put on a hot bath

When the water temperature in the tank to reach the bath temperatures, open the hot water valve, thermostat valve, spray the head to make warm water outflow for bathing, if the spray head outflow too hot or too cold, through the thermostat valve and cold water valve to adjust, Solar Accessories to the spray head out of the water temperature is suitable.

3. Solar Accessories Use of electric heating

If the sun light is weak in the rain, solar water heaters in the water temperature can not reach the bath temperatures, plug the power plug, the water tank in the auxiliary heating, Solar Accessories to the appropriate bath temperature, cut off power, and then water. Operation as long as the leakage protection plug button, Power indicator light (red), electric heating bar began to work, press the Test button, power is cut off, power led off, stop heating.


1. Do not pull the plug frequently, just follow the steps above, at the same time on the leakage protection plug test, in the power state, press the test button, should be able to immediately power off, and red led off. Otherwise leakage protection plugs need to be replaced or repaired.

2. Water tank vents must be unblocked.

3. The vacuum tube is strictly forbidden to expose the air.

4. When the water level in the vacuum tube is insufficient in the sunlight, Solar Accessories it is forbidden to inject cold water into the tank suddenly.

5. Electric heating device must use leakage protection plug, and power off bathing.

II. Automatic Water Intelligent Instrument

When the solar water heaters equipped with automatic water intelligent instrument, can achieve automatic Sheung Shui, automatic stop, while showing water level and water temperature.

1. Automatic Sheung Shui: When the water in the tank is extinguished with the lowest water level, Solar Accessories the intelligent instrument automatically opens the solenoid valve for Sheung Shui.

2. Automatic stop water: When Sheung Shui to water tank full, that is, the highest water level light, intelligent instrument automatic shutoff valve in Sheung Shui solenoid valve, stop the Sheung Shui.

3. Artificial intervention random water: When the water tank between the lowest water level and the highest water level, you can press the "Sheung Shui" button, Solar Accessories at any time for Sheung Shui, after the full stop.

4. Artificial intervention to stop water: In the course of Sheung Shui, if the water is stopped, just press the "Stop" button to manually intervene to stop water.