Furniture Accessories Play A Big Role

Furniture Accessories Although said is a small hardware, but its role is very large, not to be underestimated, furniture accessories have a lot, hope that through the following introduction, can help you.

1. Functional Furniture Accessories

For our home life, some of the protection of home, reduce the use of steps of furniture accessories, such as locks, hinges, slides and other furniture accessories, can be called functional furniture accessories.

1. Hand Lock

Spherical lock has gradually exited the lock market, replaced by the set switch, decoration and handle the triple function of the hand lock, Furniture Accessories according to the use of materials can be divided into space aluminum, stainless steel, copper die-casting, zinc alloy and so on.

To space aluminum, stainless steel for the production of materials, the hand lock luster Bright, soft, even by the sweat and water vapor long-term dip is not easy to fade rust. Furniture Accessories Zinc Alloy Hand Lock surface copper plating, and copper die-casting hand lock some similar, to distinguish between two types of lock, can be used file in the lock floor of the lock to file, through the file trace to identify the use of materials: brass color for the copper die-casting materials, silver-white is zinc alloy material.

2. Hinge

Hinges on the average day need to open and close more than 10 times, Furniture Accessories so hinge quality determines the performance of furniture.

Good hinge surface formation, solid material is not deformed, because most of the hinges have been nickel-plated treatment, look rich in luster, and the real quality of the hinges before nickel plating will also be coated with a layer of copper, with the knife and then hinge on the surface of the knife, Furniture Accessories if you can see the yellow copper, it is true hinge. Another way to distinguish is to see the hinge Cup (that is, the recessed part of the hinge) inside is black or iron-like color, there is a very thin plating layer, no copper plating, quality does not pass.

3. Slide Rails

The drawer of the home is free and smooth to push and pull open and close, bearing and how much, all see the quality of the slide. The rails have two kinds of bottom rails and side rails, and the bottom rails are easier to use than the side rails.

High-quality slide resistance of small, long life, Furniture Accessories so that the drawer opening and closing smooth. The quality of the slide rails become our most concern, Furniture Accessories testing the load-bearing capacity of the slide, you can pull out the drawer completely, with the hand pressing the outer edge of the drawer, while observing the front of the drawer from the side of the dip. The smaller the front tilt, the stronger the bearing capacity of the slide.

Steel slides from the appearance of the deep silver-gray, texture delicate, and aluminum slide, compared with the thickness of the steel slide. The color of the sprayed steel slide is lighter than the steel drawer, Furniture Accessories it is light silvery gray, the thickness is thinner than the steel slide, but thicker than the aluminum slide.

The inner part of the slide is its bearing structure, which is directly related to its load-bearing capacity. At present, the larger proportion of the market is the ball rail, steel ball slide through the rolling of the ball, automatically exclude the dust and dirt on the rails, so as to ensure the cleaning of the slide, Furniture Accessories not because the dirt into the interior and affect its sliding function. At the same time, the ball can spread the force around, ensuring the stability of the drawer's horizontal and vertical direction.

2. Decorative Furniture Accessories

Decorative furniture accessories are usually practical and decorative, Furniture Accessories but because of their use of a more prominent position, playing a visual balance, the use of their linear feeling and material, color, and so on in the indoor echoes, can play a better decorative effect.

1. Handle

A wooden strip or metal that is easy to switch with a hand in doors, windows, cabinets, or drawers. Because the replacement is more convenient, the handle has a lot of material, there is a single metal, alloy, plastic, wood, ceramics, glass, plastic, marble and so on, the shape of the handle has tubular, bar, Furniture Accessories spherical and various geometric shapes, etc. according to the design of the words can be divided into single, double head, exposed, closed and so on.

Most of the handle is relatively small, only to meet the needs of drawers, cabinets switch, quality clearance handle can take a long time. Select the handle, first consider the color of the handle and cabinets, drawer style, color is consistent, and then consider its styling. Generally speaking, Furniture Accessories metal or alloy material handle is more solid, can be used for a long time, can withstand the tension is relatively large.

In addition to the above furniture accessories, there are other protection-type furniture accessories such as corner, anti-collision angle, and so on, these furniture accessories in the maintenance of our home quality of life plays a big role in the purchase of high-quality furniture accessories can also avoid many changes in maintenance.