Fitness Equipment Should Be Disinfected Regularly

Fitness equipment can exercise the body's free strength and comprehensive strength, fitness equipment occupies a small area, can be placed in most parts of the room, in accordance with the human structure design, in line with the requirements of humanity, general multi-functional fitness equipment is the gymnasium special equipment, men's body like to achieve bodybuilding and strong general choice of multi-functional Fitness , providing muscle energy to increase muscle volume.

The use of fitness equipment materials, safety has been strictly defined. Mr Tsang, Fitness Equipment Deputy Secretary-General of the China Plastics Association, said at present, China's production of plastic has strict technological requirements, especially for the use of additives containing harmful substances have strict requirements, even in the summer direct sunlight, high temperature conditions, Fitness Equipment the material of the slow release of harmful substances in the safe range, will not adversely affect the human body. Therefore, the fitness equipment can be safely used

Fitness equipment should be disinfected regularly

According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physical and Chemical technology researchers, the modern city due to pollution and other reasons, bacteria and bacteria in the air in the number of a considerable amount, the total number of bacteria can reach 10,000 per cubic metre. Fitness Equipment The human body carries more germs, these germs can spread cold, tonsil inflammation, pneumonia, also can cause typhoid, dysentery, infectious diarrhea, viral hepatitis and other diseases. Therefore, from the epidemiological point of view, the use of fitness equipment can easily cause epidemics. Therefore, the cleaning and disinfection of fitness equipment is particularly important.

According to the Beijing Sports Bureau, the disinfection management of fitness equipment is the use of territorial management, that is, which community equipment, which is responsible for disinfection management. Fitness Equipment During the SARS period last year, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau specialized in the following, and the disinfection management of fitness equipment was strictly stipulated. Fitness Equipment In response to the recent cases of SARS in Beijing, the Beijing Sports Bureau is drafting a new regulation on the disinfection and management of fitness equipment to avoid becoming a source of infection for the epidemic, which will be announced in the near future.

People should wash their hands immediately after using fitness equipment, and do not wash their hands directly to eat food, smoking, rubbing their eyes. Children do not wash their hands in the mouth after contact with fitness equipment, these bad habits will infect disease. Professor Zeng suggested that hand sanitizer and disinfectant napkins should be used before and after contact with fitness equipment under conditions. Fitness Equipment The Government should also strengthen facilities, such as the construction of hand-washing ponds at public fitness venues, the provision of hand sanitizer, soap and so on, to avoid the epidemic of disease.

Five features of fitness equipment

1, flexible fitness equipment should be disinfected regularly: foot pedal meihuazhuang, hands rotating turntable, can practice hands and feet, the brain's response ability and limbs and the brain's harmonic ability.

2, strength-type fitness equipment should be disinfected regularly: some exercise strength of the instrument can be compared with the gym equipment. In addition, the horizontal bar of the primer upward, Fitness Equipment parallel bars of the two arms extension is also a good way to practice strength.

3, bouncing fitness equipment should be disinfected regularly: erected the height of the card, the degree of the beam are conducive to the two-legged bounce equipment. Using the run-up or in situ prance on these devices helps to keep the legs bouncing.

4, flexible fitness equipment should be disinfected regularly: standing in a row of railings (or rib wood) on the pull ligament or overhanging legs, can improve the flexibility of the joint.

5, endurance-type fitness equipment should be disinfected regularly: similar to the treadmill, can run on the top of the run, form with running. Of course, there are many uses of the path path of the community fitness, Fitness Equipment the above classification is not absolute. According to my body condition, the combination of use is comparable.