Fitness Equipment Selection

Fitness equipment often to the number of training functions into a single function and integrated multi-functional two categories, commonly used rowers, bodybuilder, Jianbu machine, treadmill, the United States and so on.

The city people are sobering on the gym, working for a week, Fitness Equipment taking advantage of the holiday time, go to the gym a good sweat, but a good weekend to bring exercise, Xiaobian feel sorry, there are many people will buy some home Fitness equipment, can exercise at any time, but do not need to wait until the holiday, here Xiaobian recommended ten fitness equipment for everyone to choose, take a look at it

Several suitable for home fitness equipment

A treadmill

Treadmill is the home of the fitness equipment, "Beloved", is the body movement of fitness equipment, the use of the first, it makes running easy, Fitness Equipment but there are arthritis or joints made artificial replacement of the crowd, and osteoporosis use.

Second, the elliptical machine

Less damage to the knee, can also activities on the lower limbs of the muscle groups, especially the legs and buttocks, especially by young women love, but also for rehabilitation training, post-natal people to resume training.

Three, rowing device

Mainly used to enhance the arm strength and action coordination, Fitness Equipment each of its flexion and extension action, row arm movements, can make about 90% of the flexion and extension muscles involved in sports, suitable for ordinary people who use the day, especially for the elderly population.

Four, fitness car

Is to overcome the heart of the best fitness equipment, can be divided into two vertical and horizontal exercise car, suitable for long hours sitting in the office of white-collar workers, as well as mobility, physical weakness and rehabilitation training patients.

Five, rhythm machine

Can easily improve the body from the healing force, Fitness Equipment to resist the sick life, is the most natural, safe, most effective and fast movement, the movement of the way to jump rope, from top to bottom, from the inside out to achieve the effect of body movement, With health care, Fitness Equipment rehabilitation training, growth and development, sports fitness and body sculpting five effect, the use of a wide range of people.

Six, dynamic cycling

Exercise parts are mainly thighs, in the leg as the center of the exercise process, buttocks, waist, back, arm muscles can be fully exercise, but the knee injury, Fitness Equipment lumbar pain and the elderly with caution.

Seven, swing bells

Is the popular fashion fitness equipment, which uses dynamic inertia to strengthen the chest, strong arm, strengthen the muscle lines, the fitness effect is the traditional dumbbell 4-7 times, as long as 6 minutes a day, can quickly thin arm, men and women apply.