Fitness Equipment Purchasing Skills

Fitness equipment often by the training function of how much to be divided into single function and integrated multi-functional two categories. Single-function equipment, commonly used in rowing, fitness cars, walking machines, treadmills, such as the United States waist machine.

The main functions of fitness equipment are:

Rowing device: Mainly used to enhance the strength of the arm and movement coordination.

Bodybuilding car: Exercise, like riding a bicycle, Fitness Equipment mainly to enhance the strength of the legs, enhance cardiovascular function.

Brisk car: Mainly used to exercise legs, waist, Fitness Equipment abdominal muscles and cardiopulmonary function.

Treadmill: Mainly used to exercise legs, buttocks, waist, abdominal muscles and cardiopulmonary function.

American Waist machine: can relax massage to waist, back.

Fitness equipment is mainly used to exercise the strength of upper limbs and pectoralis major muscle, sit-ups, mainly used to exercise the waist muscle group, reduce the waist and abdomen excess fat.

How to choose fitness equipment for your family?

Shopping malls selling fitness equipment is generally divided into two categories, one is aerobic fitness equipment, such as treadmills, motorcycles, etc., is mainly to enhance cardiopulmonary function; One is the aerobics equipment, such as exercise muscle chest and other strength equipment. Fitness Equipment Before you buy fitness equipment, you have to look for the purpose of the purchase to exercise muscle, or to lose weight, or to enhance cardiopulmonary function. If the purpose of fitness, you can choose Multi-function Fitness, multi-functional projects include rowing, pedal car, waist rotation, a variety of strength exercises, massage and other functions, Fitness Equipment can be integrated exercise arm, legs, waist back and chest abdominal muscles, it has a significant effect on the overall improvement of physical fitness. For the poor physique, mobility inconvenience to consumers, you can buy fixed fitness bicycles, treadmills, rowing machines, these three kinds of equipment are slow endurance sports equipment, use them to exercise, help to improve the heart and lung function and leg arm strength.

home to buy fitness equipment, there are two factors to be considered first. One is the housing conditions, that is, fitness equipment space; second, economic ability, you should choose different functions according to their economic strength fitness equipment.

Fitness equipment is the size of the first to consider the factors, Fitness Equipment if the purchase of equipment, at home not put, and then good function will not come out. In the end, the fate of fitness equipment is likely to be sent, or piled up with a variety of sundries.

As far as the treadmill is concerned, the size has a small, large need to two or three square meters of space, the small is less than half; housing conditions slightly close to consumers can buy single function fitness equipment. Such as: Fitness bike, rowing device. These devices can be plugged into the bed or placed on the balcony after use.

Determine the size of the device, you can according to their economic strength, Fitness Equipment the purchase of different functions of fitness equipment.

Gymnasium design focus on its practicality, do not need to be too luxurious, as long as the fitness equipment can make customers feel convenient, practical, safe can, so fitness club decoration costs do not need too high. Some designers because do not understand the characteristics of the gym, the design of the effect is often let a person can not see this is a fitness club.

1, the necessary functional areas have fitness equipment fitness area, generally include aerobic zone, oxygen-free zone and power zone; Independent class room, this part of the fitness area is generally separated from the public fitness equipment area, including large gymnastic room, hot yoga room, dynamic cycling room, etc. reception, business negotiation area and work (office) area, The size of the area can be determined according to the actual situation; sauna shower, usually including shower, sauna room (dry steaming, wet steaming), changing room, storage room, water massage pool, spa services, massage room and so on.

2, expand the functional area refers to some gyms in the necessary fitness programs on the basis of increased fitness services. For example, swimming pool, taekwondo venues, Sanda venues, table tennis halls, badminton courts, tennis courts, squash arena and so on. The extended area also includes recreational and entertainment areas, such as arcade games, computer gaming rooms, etc. A nutritious restaurant is also an important item, Fitness Equipment although it is also used as an extension of the functional area, but now it has been adopted for many gyms.

3, fitness equipment distribution density. The distribution density of fitness equipment needs to consider two aspects: first, whether the fitness of adjacent fitness equipment will affect each other in the exercise, the second is the safety of the process of fitness. The former is easy to understand, and the latter we give an example to illustrate. For example, the treadmill, we need not only in the limited space of the greatest possible use of resources, but also must take into account security issues. Many fitness enthusiasts like treadmills, which sometimes run on a treadmill because of operational errors or other reasons, running at a speed that doesn't keep pace with the track. Due to the inertia of the role of the larger step or to a certain direction, if the distance between the two too small treadmill, it will cause the adjacent treadmill of the two members of the collision phenomenon, causing unpredictable consequences.

4, the main room should be large enough space for the fitness to open the feeling, layout arrangements should try to avoid column. Aerobics room collar is generally equipped with a large glass mirror, Fitness Equipment to enhance the visual effect, the room will feel greater space. At the same time, the conditions of the room wall with glass, can enhance the fitness atmosphere, while maintaining the fitness equipment area "intimate contact", can improve the overall visual field of the gym.