Fitness Equipment Is Divided Into Three Types

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's health awareness has gradually increased. Many people will buy some home fitness equipment, large to treadmill, small to grip power, used to help fitness weight loss training.

There are three types of fitness equipment can be divided into three

Although the number of commercially available fitness up to nearly 100 species, but summed up, Fitness Equipment can be divided into three types;

① body fitness equipment: such as 10 comprehensive training device, home 16 function fitness, etc .;

② local fitness equipment: such as fitness bike, rowing, staircase machine, treadmill, and the calf curl, heavy hammer Rally, heel practice, etc.;

③ small fitness equipment: such as people familiar with the dumbbell, kettle bell, crank barbell, spring tension, fitness plate, elastic bar, grip and so on.

(A) body fitness equipment

Is a comprehensive training equipment; for many people at the same time in a device on the cycle or selective practice. This fitness equipment is larger, more functional, expensive, Fitness Equipment suitable for fitness centers, rehabilitation centers and institutions or schools to use the gym. It should be noted that, such as multi-functional treadmill is a body of fitness equipment, but it is only in the single-function treadmill on the basis of increased boating, pedal, push-ups, waist rotation, massage and other functions, so the volume is not very Big, Fitness Equipment the same for the family gym.

(B) local fitness equipment

Mostly special training equipment, compact structure, covering an area of about 1 square meters, most can fold, and some also interesting. Its function is relatively simple, mainly focus on local muscle exercise. Such equipment both to counterweight weight, hydraulic cylinder for the heavy power of the type, Fitness Equipment but also to their own power for the non-power type, no need to disassemble the combination. And some also have time, speed, distance, heart rate and other electronic display device, so that exercise can master their own exercise. Therefore, popular fitness enthusiasts favor, is the home gym "protagonist".

(C) small fitness equipment

The volume is small, the value of exercise is not low. To adjust the dumbbell, for example, it is not only suitable for different age, gender and physical practice, Fitness Equipment and can make the muscles of the body to get exercise, is the bodybuilder essential equipment. Another example is the spring tensioner, light and compact, cheap, both easy to store, and easy to carry; the same can achieve the purpose of fitness strong body. And like a fitness ball like a small fitness device, the most suitable for use in the elderly.