Fitness Equipment Can Keep Fit

The role of fitness equipment to adjust the body function, exercise the body of the joints toughness, endurance, tension, arm force, the body of the function, nerve diastolic performance.

Fitness equipment treadmill, vertical magnetic control exercise, horizontal magnetic control exercise, magnetically controlled elliptical machine, climbing machine, dynamic cycling, integrated training device, sitting push chest training equipment and other strength fitness equipment. Used for gyms. Fitness Cycling: Commercial aerobics are durable and offer a smooth and comfortable fitness experience. A variety of resistance levels and integrated entertainment systems provide superior customer experience for different levels of users. Belt drive system dual lift drive to give customers a smooth, quiet exercise experience. The Ply-V belt replaces the chain, Fitness Equipment resulting in less noise and less maintenance required. 3 sets of cranks 3 sets of cranks can be firmly tightened, reducing the need for regular adjustments. 9/16 inch crank arm can withstand any standard road or mountain bike pedal. Integrated entertainment features integrated Cardio Theater design, equipped with personal visualization screen. Fitness Equipment While you enjoy a comfortable audio-visual experience at the same time, to provide you with better customer experience services.

Fitness equipment has been able to receive people's favor, in fact, mainly willing to be able to keep fit, can make us healthy and healthy, but may be a lot of people do not know how to do fitness equipment maintenance? How to maintain a common treadmill? We and everyone to see it together.

Developed muscle, growing power

The body has 639 skeletal muscle. General men's muscle weight accounts for about 40.45% of body weight, about 35% of women. By the muscles, bones and joints, ligaments and other common body of the body movement organs, so that the body can carry out a variety of complex movement. In other words, Fitness Equipment the body produces a variety of sports, are derived from the skeletal muscle contraction and stretching.

Fitness equipment Fitness is the best way to exercise your muscles. Because regular fitness equipment fitness, can make muscle fiber thickening, muscle capillaries increased, so that the physiological cross-section of the muscles increased, so that the muscles more solid, full, developed. At the same time, Fitness Equipment due to the improvement of the central nervous system to improve the function, will lead to more robust muscles. Not only that, fitness equipment fitness can also promote bone metabolism, improve its compression, tensile, Fitness Equipment anti-torque and other properties. In addition, the joints, ligaments of the growth and development also has a good role in promoting.

Muscle is composed of slender muscle fibers. Muscle fibers and myofibrils as the basic unit. The body's fiber number is generally four or five months after birth to settle down, but the muscle fibers are relatively variable. In the process of fitness equipment fitness, repeated and strong stimulation of muscle fiber can make the basic constituent material - protein synthesis increased. These proteins can be synthesized new myofibrils, so that muscle fiber thickening, that is, muscle mass increases.

In normal condition, only 30 to 270 capillaries are open on the cross section of the muscle per square millimeter, and the rest are in the closed state. While the fitness equipment exercise, Fitness Equipment there will be as many as 2000 a 3000 capillaries open. After a long period of training, muscle openings in the open state of the capillary than usual greatly increased, coupled with muscle fibers thicker, the muscles will naturally become developed and powerful.

Improve health, eliminate fat

Because the whole body is a unified whole, so every piece of muscle and other systems are closely linked. Regular fitness equipment fitness, can significantly improve the circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system and the central nervous system function level, so that the body can be fully enhanced, Fitness Equipment the health status can be improved.

The circulatory system is made up of the heart and blood vessels. Blood throughout the body of the blood vessels and nutrients transported to the various parts of the body, while the cell tissue activity generated by the waste, transported to the lungs, kidneys, skin, etc. excreted. Fitness equipment fitness can not only increase the capacity of the heart, the increased flexibility of the myocardium and blood vessels, Fitness Equipment but also can increase the cardiac contractility and vasodilatation. Practice has proved that long-term fitness equipment fitness people, heart rate per minute can be maintained between 60 to 70 times. And most people's heart rate between 70 to 90 times. Due to reduced number of heartbeats, increased cardiac rest time, resulting in greatly improved the capacity of the heart function. It is not difficult to see that a heart can be given greater burden on the ability to improve the body's ability to adapt and enhance the metabolic function and immunity, how important role.

The lung is the main organ of the respiratory system, which together with the respiratory tract constitutes a respiratory system. The lungs are composed of bronchi, blood vessels and lung lobules. There are four hundred alveoli on each lobule. There are 5 to 700 million alveoli in the lungs. Human breath, ie gas exchange, is between the alveoli and its surrounding capillaries. Adults in a quiet state breathing 12 to 18 times per minute, inhalation of oxygen about 0.2 to 0.3 liters. This amount of work only 1/20 of the alveolar opening is enough to complete. Fitness exercise, due to increased activity, increased metabolism, and thus need to supply more oxygen. This requires more intense contraction of the respiratory muscles, inhalation of more fresh oxygen, exhaled more carbon dioxide. Fitness equipment fitness on the respiratory function, focusing on improving the depth of breathing, followed by the respiratory rate. This will increase the amount of gas exchange in each breath, which is conducive to respiratory muscle rest, but also improve the functional reserve of the respiratory system, so as to ensure that the movement to meet the needs of gas exchange, improve the body's performance level.

Fitness equipment fitness from the digestive tract and digestive gland of the digestive system also has a good effect. Because muscle activity to consume a lot of nutrients, Fitness Equipment which requires timely replenishment. At the same time, muscle activity can promote gastrointestinal motility, stimulate the secretion of digestive juice increased, so that digestion and absorption capacity can be improved. Appetite is good, natural appetite increased.

Fitness equipment, like all sports, Fitness Equipment is under the control of your central nervous system. In contrast, exercise can also improve the intensity, balance and flexibility of the central nervous system. Practice has proved that sports and scientific diet is the best way to eliminate fat. Movement, the body of the source of energy supply is mainly sugar and fat. Speed, strength, short duration, to consume sugar-based; slow speed, strength, duration, to consume fat-based. Studies have shown that long, moderate intensity of exercise, fat for energy to achieve the total amount of human oxidation for more than 40%. If you want to use fitness equipment to lose weight, as long as follow the load is small, fitness equipment, light, long training principles, adhere to a few months, must receive a very significant effect.