Features Of Auto Parts

Recently heard everyone talking about raising the car, some friends say how car maintenance how cheap, and some say I keep a car expensive yo? Now according to my experience in the auto parts market, for everyone to explain the difference between the various auto parts?

1. Original and factory. In fact, the original factory and is the factory is synonymous, as the name suggests is equal to the original factory, just called the law is not the same. Now we have to explain with the original: a car is manufactured by many manufacturers part of the assembly by the car manufacturers, and the original auto parts is a car manufacturer to produce a part of the auto parts The factory produces auto parts by the car manufacturer sampling qualified and brand authorized standard accessories, that is, Auto Parts the original accessories. Original accessories special: high prices, high degree of fit with the car, the price is high, the use of a relatively long cycle.

2. Supporting factory. Matching factory is only with the car manufacturers to cooperate with the auto parts manufacturing enterprises, the production of auto parts. Auto Parts Matching factory accessories features: the price relative to the original in terms of cheap nearly 30% -55%, in the car fit higher, the use of the cycle compared to the original short 15% -20%. And the original difference is to have their own LOGO, Auto Parts manufacturing level relative to the original process requirements are slightly lower, the quality of protection.

3. Change the package. Auto parts and auto repair shop to use a lot of packages as a factory sales, the following we explain what is called to change the package. Change the package, Auto Parts as the name suggests is to use the original packaging to match the factory products to achieve the purpose of real ones. The characteristics of the package: the price relative to the original factory in terms of nearly 25% -45%, in the car fit higher, Auto Parts the use of the cycle compared to the original is shorter.

4. Offline. The general defective quasi-new car demolished some of the fineness of the new but no packaging of the original parts, but there may be some aspects of the defective original auto parts. Features: high degree of fit with the car, the price is 40% cheaper than the factory, the use of uncertainty.

5. Disassembly. Mainly from some car accidents can not be repaired on the car can be removed on the use of auto parts. Disassemble accessories features: low price relative to the factory is about 70% cheaper, with the car fit is uncertain, Poor (may repair small workshops after renovation looks better), Auto Parts the use of cycle uncertainty, there may be a significant security risk and failure rate.

6. Vice plant parts. In fact, all kinds of different sizes of auto parts manufacturers, according to the style of auto parts production of uneven quality of auto parts, so the price is relatively large fluctuations in the quality of the completion of no quality assurance. Deputy factory features: with the car fit 5-7 or so, Auto Parts the price is 60% -80% cheaper than the original accessories, the use of short cycle, the quality is not certain, the quality of no protection (the possibility of large, but some of the warranty The price of the manufacturers is relatively high).

7. brand parts. Refers to some of the more well-known auto parts manufacturers, produced for the mass of automotive auto parts. (Such as Dr. Hailan Man, etc.) brand parts of the characteristics: with the original fit 7-8 into the price relative to the original 40% -60% cheaper. The use of the cycle relative to the original shortened about 25%, quality guaranteed.

8. High imitation From the understanding of the word that this is the standard imitation of the factory is the fake. Features: low degree of fit with the original, Auto Parts the price is very cheap relative to the original, the use of a very short period, there is a big security risk.