Ess Equipment To Meet Safety Standards

Sporting goods with the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people to join the national fitness activities. In many residential areas, people will see a variety of fitness equipment. However, experts cautioned that when using these fitness equipment, attention should also be paid to preventing the spread of epidemics.

Fitness Equipment meets safety standards

The use of fitness equipment in the area, mainly for the iron surface spray, there are some plastic (hard PVC) on the surface of the equipment package, which is both beautiful and durable. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a material has been widely used in industrial and daily necessities, Fitness Equipment but whether it is harmful to the environment and human health has been the focus of debate. So, is there a toxic hazard to the fitness equipment we're using?

Experts believe that polyvinyl chloride is a polymeric material, usually containing lead, cadmium, phthalates and other substances, these substances are harmful to the human body, and some even carcinogens. Not long ago, the EU issued a relevant document, that some phthalates and their metabolites and degradation of the human body (especially children) in the liver, kidney, testis and other organs damage.

The General administration of sport has attached great importance to the safety of mass fitness equipment, and promulgated the universal requirements for safety of outdoor fitness equipment in 2003. Fitness Equipment This article provides strict rules on the use of materials and safety of fitness equipment. Mr Tsang, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Plastics Association, said at present, China's production of plastic has strict technological requirements, especially for the use of additives containing harmful substances have strict requirements, Fitness Equipment even in the summer direct sunlight, high temperature conditions, the material of the slow release of harmful substances in the safe range, will not adversely affect the human body. Therefore, the fitness equipment can be safely used.

Fitness equipment should be disinfected regularly

According to Li Bizhong, a researcher at the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the number of microorganisms in the air, such as bacteria and bacteria, is considerable in modern cities due to pollution and other causes, and the total amount of bacteria can reach about 10,000 per cubic metre. Fitness Equipment The human body carries more germs, these germs can spread cold, tonsil inflammation, pneumonia, also can cause typhoid, dysentery, infectious diarrhea, viral hepatitis and other diseases. Therefore, from the epidemiological point of view, the use of fitness equipment can easily cause epidemics. Therefore, Fitness Equipment the cleaning and disinfection of fitness equipment is particularly important.

The disinfection of fitness equipment management is the use of territorial management, that is, which community equipment, which is responsible for disinfection management. During the SARS period last year, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau specialized in the following, Fitness Equipment and the disinfection management of fitness equipment was strictly stipulated. In response to the recent cases of SARS in Beijing, the Beijing Sports Bureau is drafting a new regulation on the disinfection and management of fitness equipment to avoid becoming a source of infection for the epidemic, which will be announced in the near future.

People should wash their hands immediately after using fitness equipment, and do not wash their hands directly to eat food, smoking, rubbing their eyes. Children do not wash their hands in the mouth after contact with fitness equipment, these bad habits will infect disease. Professor Zeng suggested that hand sanitizer and disinfectant napkins should be used before and after contact with fitness equipment under conditions. The Government should also strengthen facilities, such as the construction of hand-washing ponds at public fitness venues, the provision of hand sanitizer, soap and so on, to avoid the epidemic of disease.