Surface treatment of stainless steel screws

Stainless steel screw surface is shiny, under normal circumstances, be no need for plating. But sometimes some customers to make stainless steel screws of colors and their materials. So I requested a plating on stainless steel screws. We screw industry, according to the customer's requirements, will normally be given to plating stainless steel screws, what color it! next spring stainless steel products limited to a brief introduction of Jiangsu Province. Surface treatment of stainless steel screws, we tend to be more common, but also require more zinc electroplated colors are black, of course, black green black and ordinary black zinc. Stainless steel screw surface appears to be black anyway, but definitely not black. Black zinc. Surface treatment of stainless steel screw plated color, of course this is also according to customer requirements, some customers may also request color zinc plating, white, nickel, black nickel, blue zinc.