elf tapping screw thread of various processing methods

1, thread cutting Generally refers to the forming tool or Abrasives on the workpiece machining method of self tapping screw thread, including turning, milling processes, tapping, threading, and grinding processes, grinding and thread whirling. Thread milling and turning, and grinding, grinding around, drive chain ensure the cutter of machine tools, and milling or grinding along the workpiece axis moving a lead to accurately and evenly. When the tapping or threading tool (tap or die) and the relative rotation of the workpiece, and is formed by the first Groove of the thread Guide tool (or workpiece) axial movement. Thread turning on a lathe cutting thread forming tool or Chaser (see thread machining tools). Screwing with a shaped knife, because of their simple structure, is a single-piece and small-batch production method of screwing; turning thread cutter thread, high production efficiency, but the tool structure is complex, only suitable for medium and mass production in the short thread fine pitch turning workpiece. Lathe turning of trapezoidal thread pitch accuracy can only achieve level 8~9 (JB2886-81, the same below); specialized screw lathe processing thread, productivity, and precision can be improved.