Common screw extrusion shaping method

Common extrusion methods can be divided into the following categories 1, was crowded. Pressure when squeezed, and convex cross Metal flow direction is consistent with the direction of movement. Extrusion can be divided into solid extrusion of hollow extrusion in two ways. Extrusion method can produce various shapes of solid and hollow parts, such as screws, shafts, pipes and casings. 2, extrusion. When squeezed, gold chip flow direction is opposite to the direction of motion of the punch, extrusion method can produce a variety of sectional shape of cup-shaped parts, such as instrument housings, gimbal bearings, etc. 3, the composite extrusion. When squeezed, blank metal part same flow direction and the direction of motion of the punch, while the other portion of the gold chip flow direction and movement in the opposite direction of the punch, composite extrusion manufacturing double glass parts or manufacture parts such as glass rods and Rod-type parts.