Combination screws introduction

One screw only one playing mat, or only a flat pad, or only a Pinking known as two combination screws. A screws equipped with an elastic mat and a flat pad, usually known as the combination of three screws. Combination screws labeled GB9074. Commonly used combinations of three cross recessed small Pan head screws labeled GB9074.8. The. 8 refers to the small Pan head. The Pan head screw head size is often said. Letter to PM. Professional portfolio Screw manufacturers, habitual representation to be PM. Commonly used combinations of large cross recess head screws labeled GB9074.4. Professional large-head combination screws. Or r or b the head. Combination means that the screw's head bigger than the small Pan head screw head, thick points. There is also a common hex screw, this is Hexagon cross combination screws. Often called Pocket combination Hexagon screws. Label GB9074.13