Anchor bolt how to install?

Anchor bolt verticality Anchor bolt should be installed vertically, no tilt. If the installation is vertical, will make the screw installation coordinates error, created some difficulties for installation, if the screw holes of the base is thick, even installed. Because the screw is not vertical, the decline in their ability to withstand external force. Now on the force conditions is as follows: Assuming the pressure required to install equipment to f (the anchor bolt vertically, the tension is f), screw cross section area of a. Then: 1, the tension screw vertical installation are: f, screw stress σ =F/A; Pull on the tilt 2, anchor bolt installation: F1, tensile stress: σ 1= F1 F1/A=F/Acosa; also produces a horizontal force F2 of the force at the point o and bending stress σ 2= F2 L/W=FLtga/W (w is the bending modulus of section); the total stress σ = σ 1 + σ 2.