Self Modifying Wire

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This Self Modifying Wire is suitable for fixing metal slats to steel studs. It is also used to secure corrugated panels to studs that are not pre-drilled on the steel plate. It can securely hold one to three panel thicknesses. The stainless steel used in its manufacture can be hardened by heat treatment to enable it to penetrate the metal. It is corrosion resistant, which greatly enhances its durability. It is hard galvanized for durability and wear-free. This Self Modifying Wire is galvanized, so its corrosion resistance is greatly improved so that it can withstand corrosion in harsh weather conditions. It is great when using a sheet metal environment. Self Modifying Wire is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


Hardened stainless steel fasteners should not be used with steel frames in environments with high humidity, condensed water or other moisture at different metal interfaces.

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