Sealing Strip

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1. This Sealing Strip has a good seal, shock absorption, waterproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, dustproof, fixed effect. The production materials used in this product are new materials developed in recent years based on the introduction of foreign technology and domestic independent research and development. It is mainly used for car door and window seals or home door and window seals. It is easy to install and therefore provides perfect surface finish and simple deployment.

2. Sealing Strip is preformed so that the self-adhesive strip can be peeled off and pressed against the surface in just a few minutes. Keep the surface of the paste clean and dry before pasting. It is an easy replacement for conventional caulking agents. It is mildewproof and waterproof to create a professional look. It has a strong viscosity and adhesion. It prevents airflow from doors and windows. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, heat insulation and cold protection. Sealing Strip seals dust and pollen. You can trim the seal to the length required for actual use while reducing waste. When applied to the home, it can be widely used to seal the joint between the gas cooktop and the table, the sink and the table, the table and the wall.

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