Massage Stick

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Product description:

1. This Massage Stick is a massage device for health massage. It has vibration and heating functions to effectively reduce fatigue and pain caused by exercise and mental stress. Its beating function penetrates muscle tissue to effectively relieve pain. Its weight is concentrated on the massage head, which greatly enhances the intensity of the massage. It is a self-massage tool designed to aim and penetrate specific muscles.

2. Massage Stick's simple grip ensures comfort and stability when using the massage stick. The separate roller on top of it can move freely on the shaft, allowing you to apply a lot of pressure to the target trigger point area. It is very flexible to use and it can contour around the muscle while still sinking into the soft tissue. It is lightweight, portable and extremely durable. Massage Stick gives you a real massage experience. It also improves your range of motion and flexibility, as well as increases blood flow and circulation in the target area.

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