Massage Ball

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1. This Massage Ball is made of high quality PVC material, so it is flexible, safe and comfortable. It attaches the ball to the ordinary spherical surface, so it can also massage the hand points better in the hands. It is used to trigger point massage, relaxation exercises, hand treatments and reflexology, so it is very beneficial to human health.

2. Massage Ball can perform a firm massage in a circular motion to improve blood circulation. By using it, you can stimulate muscle reflexes, relieve tension and provide body relaxation. It is an essential tool for athletes or anyone with mild muscle pain and pain. It is ideal for self-deep tissue massage and helps manage diseases such as plantar fasciitis, tightness, post-exercise recovery and muscle trigger points.

3. Massage Ball is designed to replicate the feel of the masseur's hands, allowing you to relieve discomfort and tightness. Its surface is very dense. It provides targeted relief without pinching or stimulating nerves. It has a stronger surface that provides a deeper massage and a more intense relief. It is washable, lightweight and non-slip.

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