Warning Triangle

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Product description:

1. This Warning Triangle can effectively protect your safety in the event of a vehicle breakdown. When you are driving on the highway, when the vehicle suddenly fails to move, in order to avoid accidents caused by the rear of the car, you can put this triangular warning sign behind. Its non-slip base can withstand certain wind speeds. Red reflectors on either side of the triangle for night safety.

2. When you have a car breakdown at night, the risk factor increases. Because the car's full-beam headlights can be illuminated in a limited range and may not be able to bypass vehicle accidents within a safe distance, a triangular warning sign is required. This Warning Trianglet is highly reflective, so it allows the driver to see it in the distance.

3. Warning Triangle is made of heavy materials to ensure it can still be used in strong winds. It is easy to use and has high reflection. It is well used both indoors and outdoors. It has a convenient foldable design and a durable plastic housing for easy storage and transport. It is used to warn traffic close to stationary vehicles in an emergency.

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